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Claremont University Center: Executive, Nominating and Development Committees member; served on the committee that had direct responsibility for the Claremont Graduate School as well as the Presidential Search Committee. Chaired the Task Force on Management and Policy which initiated the creation of the new department (now the Drucker Institute) and a successful $50 million capital campaign; Claremont, CA, 1977-1984.

Blaisdell Institute the Advanced Study of World Cultures and Religions: President; oversaw the negotiation to bring the Dalai Lama to the West Coast for the first time and assisted in the negotiation of the Institute's absorption into the Claremont Graduate School; Claremont, CA, 1981-1983.

Cook Brothers Partnership: advised the general partner on long-term estate planning, assisted in overseeing the roughly $100 million market value involving 22 corporations and in resolving an 11 year probate of one of the deceased partners; Los Angeles, CA, 1972-1981. The companies included the next three listed below as well as a controlling interest in First Surety Savings and Loan, Burbank, CA, and ownership of Kelley Blue Book.

Community Bank: Executive Committee member and owner representing over one-third of the outstanding shares; at the time the largest closely held, independent, commercial bank in the United States with a book value approximating $30 million and $750 million in assets. Successfully negotiated the sale of the shares owned and represented; Los Angeles, CA, 1973-1981.

First Financial Corporation of the West: Represented the interests of the roughly 12% of the shares owned and represented of this NASDAQ company that owned Stonewood Shopping Center and an apartment complex. Successfully negotiated the sale of the interest owned and represented; Lakewood, CA, 1974-1981. 

Cook Brothers Equipment Company: Executive Committee member and owner representing roughly 40% of the outstanding shares. At the time, the privately held company was the world's largest manufacturer of tilt concrete mixers, and also produced trailers, concrete pumps, and large dryers for commercial use. Successfully negotiated the sale of the interest owned and represented; Industry, CA, 1972-1981.

American Near East Refugee Aid: A Washington, D. C.-based organization whose mission was to provide humanitarian aid to Palestinian refugees in the West Bank and Occupied Territories, 1975.

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